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While I Have Your Attention.
The Matter With America.
1. The Big Bang. The Beginning?
2. Life On Earth.
3. Creation or Evolution. It's Not Rocket Science Anymore!
4. Jesus: Man, Myth, or Son of God?
5. God: Our Merciful Father or King of the Terrorists?
6. The Devil.
7. Life, Death, and Unknown Dimensions.
8. Houses of Worship.
9. TV Evangelists.
10. The Future of Humanity.
11. Our World Today.
12. Another Day That Will Live in Infamy.

13. Freedon of Speech.
14. The Jerry Springer Show. "Televisions Armpit".
15. Howard Stern.
16. The KKK.
17. Racial Profiling.
18. Homosexuality.
19. Drugs.
20. Guns and the USA.
21. Pro-Wrestling.
22. Kids, Hard Rock, and Rap.
23. Partisan Politics and Filibusters.
24. The Power of the Spoken Word.
25. Union Blackmail.
26. Racism.
27. Ice Hockey and Baseball.
28. The Trickle-Down Effect.
29. Abortion.
30. Obesity and Not So Common, Common Sense.

31. War.
32. Guns in the USA.
33. Religion.
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Discover and eliminate the root cause of mankind's violent continuum by thinking...........

"Up One Level" suggests deeper thought in discovering the root causalities of our most serious global problems. It damns complacency and warns of catastrophe if we continue our suicidal ways of past millennia.

This book seeks the truth and nothing but the truth based on provable facts, reality, and common sense corroborated by science and humanityís past history. It pleads with you to take a realistic look at the religious fairy tales you've been obliged to base your life on since day one. It begs you to bring an end to wars and the indiscriminate killing and suffering of millions. It also suggests what to do and how to do it by getting off your butts, opening your eyes to the truth, and doing what ever you can do to save this incredibly beautiful planet and it's current religion crazed, moronic inhabitant's.

This book took three years to write and it's not all doom and gloom. There is a measure of humor, interesting facts, statistics, and true short stories  but donít let all that cloud the one thing you
MUST come to understand and deal with immediately. And that is my friend's, the very survival of humanity.

For the last twenty thousand years, mankind has been beating the crap out of his neighbor's with rocks, clubs, swords, bullets, and bombs. Now, mankind has upgraded his arsenal of weaponry to include tiny vials of pathogens that can be carried and dispersed from one's shirt pocket that have the undeniable potential to annihilate humanity in part or totally in just a matter of days. And yes, this includes our current group of religious freaks that wish to die taking as many of us infidels with them as they can... simply to please their God...

You do the math...

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Part 1...Religion.
A realistic, in depth look at our
current, global religious insanity and why we must exchange ancient fairytales for fact based reality while we still have the chance!
Part 2... While I have Your
The Matter With America.
Discusses the moral decay of
America and what to do about it.
Several of these chapters include our brethern nations as well.
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A Realistic Analysis Of Humanities Religious Insanity.
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Part 3... Solutions.
Offers realistic solutions for permanently eliminating three of our most pressing problems.

(1)   Eliminating up to 150 million excess and illegal guns in this country in one year flat.

(2)  Ending all wars forever.

(3)   How and why we must bring an end to our global religious insanity right now or perish under our own apatly.
I grew up in North Jersey and I've seen these buildings up close. They were nothing short of spectacular! It would take you 20 minutes just to walk around one. Thanks to secularized, religious fanatics, all that splendor and incredible human achievement is now dust along with 3000 lives and families from around the globe.
It won't end here either. A small nuke and all of New York City would have be gone.

Think about it. Are you going to wait till your own house is vaporized?
Get a copy of "Up One Level", find out why this is happening and learn what to do about it. You and I are the cause and only you and I can save humanity from inevitable self-annihilation...
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