A hundred years of music music, and more music. Millions of songs, mostly bad, but some good.
Here's a few of the best of the best
rockin tunes from the Dooman's day...
Wholly Bully
Rock Around
The Clock
Long Tall Sally
Playing Now
Johnny B. Goode
Whole Lotta
Goin On
Yakety Yak
Bad, Bad,
Leroy Brown
That'll Be The Day
Great Balls Of Fire
Little Queenie
They Call Me
The Breeze
Roll Over Beethoven
Bo Diddly
That's REAL Rock and Roll !

What's that? You say you dig slow stuff too? Well your in for another treat. Click below and you'll hear a dozen of the best slow tunes ever written. And I mean EVER !!!

That's your very own "Dooman" on the left brought to you from somewhere in the 50's rockin just one of a thousand gig's to come. Point is, I've been there. I know the difference between great music and garbage. Get a copy of my book "Up One Level" at and read the chapter "Kids, Hard Rock and Rap". Hopefully, you'll see what you've been missing all these years. i.e. A lifetime of incredible fun you couldn't buy with a billion dollars. All because of just one thing...Great Music.