Emily...or "CinderWella" as she fancies herself, is three and a half and a pure joy to be around (most of the time). She insist's on doing everything herself from actually making electronic repairs on her toys with a soldering iron, flux, and solder, to dialing up the internet and finding her favorite jigsaw site and doing 100 piece puzzles. I can even give her a bunch of expensive alkaline batteries and let her meter them and throw out the bad ones all by herself.

When she was just one, I would hear a clunk on my door and then: "Dooooo" "me in Doooo"!
Since then it's been almost everyday and let me tell you, I've never known anyone like her. Emily is a genuine "piece of work."
She's 24 hour smiles, giggles, intense interest in anything and everything, and like I said...a pure joy to be around.
The poor schlepp that winds up with this little girl had better be a MIT graduate just for starters.........

As we all know, time flies and so it is with Emily as well. She's now six and into a whole new world of interests ranging from computers to teen age toys, dolls, makeup, race cars, sleepovers, kindergarten, taking things apart (never again to see the light of originality I might add), dressups, dancing, competitive games, reading, Hanna Montana, the internet, and text messaging on her own cell phone (of course).

Whew! A virtual whirlwind of activity day and night. She's also learned how to say things such as: "No," "I don't want to eat that," "Your mean," "I don't want to go to bed," "Help me pick up my toys," "your stupid," and developed a few other negative attributes that are challenging to say the least but normal I suppose (for a 20 year old).

All in all, she's still cute as a button, smart as a whip, and a pure joy to be around...(most of the time)...
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